29 August 08:30 - 13:30Hans Andersson Plastics AB

Circular Packaging Economy

Circular economy is a concept that is finding it's way to most part of society today. 

Simplified, circular economy means that products and materials are recycled and reused and the goal is that virtually no material is going to landfill. 

Packaging has traditionally been highly recycled depending on the material. But to really be a part of the circular economy, measures are necessary to be taken. What material are to be used, how does plastics laminate work in these aspects, how is a packaging developer to think regarding the sustainability issues. How are we to handle and separate bio-plastics and ordinary plastics and last but not the least, how can we find applications for the recycled materials, perhaps a question primarily regarding plastics.

Why is this for you? 

Regardless of what part of the packaging value chain you represent this event will bring you insight and the latest knowledge regarding circular economy with a focus on the entire packaging value chain. Circular economy is a complex structure that requires all the actors in the value chain to connect and share views and knowledge, as well as learning together. 

The event will be organised so that you'll have time to understand, ask questions and interact with the other participants and the speakers. 

Looking forward meeting you! 

All you need to know

The Event is organised with the participant in mind. Our aim is to deliver a fully focused and educational event that will never get boring and will allow plenty of time to discuss and mingle. We want you to be inspired and to inspire. We all have experience and knowledge of something that is of value for others. 

The presentations are short, held in small groups and open for interaction for the benefit of both the participants and the speakers. You are enabled to be an active contributor of the final result and you will get to know inspirational professionals and hopefully make new friends!


Peter Grimshorn
Managing Director at Hans Andersson Plastics AB

Recycling the future

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Carl Dalhammar
Post-doc at Lund University

How to go from a linear to circular industry

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Linnea Thurnstedt
Sustainability Consultant at Stiftelsen TEM

Learn about CSR tools to engage in the Circular Economy journey

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Jenny Randborg
Sustainability Officer @ Förpacknings & Tidnings Insamlingen

Actions you can take right now to sustainability and towards Circular Economy

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